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Baoan District robotics industry technology innovation alliance established

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In February 6th, Baoan District robot industrial technology innovation alliance was established and held the opening ceremony. Experts said that the establishment of the Union will for Baoan District and even Shenzhen robot industry chain enterprises to build research promoting collaborative innovation platform to promote industrial restructuring and upgrading of Baoan District, the implementation of innovation driven development strategy has a very positive role.

The alliance to research funding Park win-win

Baoan District robotics industry technology innovation alliance by the Shenzhen city Polytron Technologies Inc, rich East Technology (holding) Co., Ltd. and other 35 robot enterprises and scientific research institutions, financial capital, industrial incubator co sponsored the establishment of the alliance, will adhere to the enterprises as the main body, enterprises, research institutions, financial capital, technology incubators in the organic combination of the strategic level research funding, contributed to the park, a win-win situation.

"Union is pushing the development of the industries and enterprises, the alliance will guide enterprises to occupy the industrial chain competition advantage." The alliance is the first pass, the alliance will organize the smart wearable industry development and to promote the application of the transformation of achievements, to promote the technology of intelligent wearable industry progress.

It is understood, the robotics industry technology innovation alliance is the semiconductor lighting industry technology innovation alliance, a new generation of information technology industry technology innovation alliance, the alliance of technology innovation, the bio pharmaceutical industry, big data industrial technology innovation alliance, and laser 3D printing industry technology innovation alliance, smart wearable industry technology innovation alliance was established in Baoan District in seventh innovation alliance.

Baoan will promote the technological innovation of the robot industry overall upgrade

Robot is one of the Baoan focus on the development of the industry, many of the traditional manufacturing enterprises to complete the transformation and upgrading of the R & D and robot equipment and related products. This reporter learned that, at present, Baoan engaged in robot intelligent manufacturing equipment industry enterprises are about 60, the products of the company cover industrial robot industrial robots, etc.. The robot (including automation equipment) annual output value of tens of millions of 20 enterprises, the source of science and technology, JT 7 enterprises, the annual output value of more than billion yuan.

The future, Baoan will intensify efforts to support enterprises to carry out the core technology innovation, focus on resolving the local characteristics of industrial demand, the introduction or breeding industry leader; to promote enterprises to strengthen college of industrial robots and the professional advantages of local Shenzhen deepen cooperation, transformation and application of rapid problem solving technical problems in resources; by means of Baoan electronic information the large number of enterprises to accelerate the industrial robot application and industrialization, through technical innovation subsidies, implementation of science and technology demonstration, to carry out product promotion, accelerate the robot production enterprises and traditional enterprises docking, to improve the degree of automation of traditional manufacturing enterprises, promote the transformation and upgrading of the industry, but also for enterprises to open up the domestic robot market.

Director of the Baoan District Bureau of science and technology innovation Hu Xiyin, Baoan robot industry technology innovation alliance was established, is to seize the robot industry has entered a rapid development stage opportunities, integration of industry resources in the middle and lower reaches of science and technology, technology innovation to speed up the organizational bottlenecks, sharing of research results and transformation, promote industrial upgrading and technological innovation, improve enterprise products in domestic and overseas market the competitive ability and market share, to build Baoan into an important industrial base of the robot at home. District Bureau of science and technology innovation will combine the functions, providing do everything in one's power support and service, help enterprise alliance and work together to promote the development of the industry.

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