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Traffic congestion in big city plagued by many countries, in order to solve the "difficult" issues, different countries take different measures, such as quotas, the implementation of the motor vehicle, increase the proportion of public transport, control the number of official vehicles, promoting "green travel", and so on. While in the city constructionbe traffic chaos, Congo (gold) the capital Kinshasa, in order to solve the traffic problem in the capital, people came up with an offbeat coup: using robot to the traffic police to divert traffic.

In most cases, standing on the street traffic police directing traffic. But in Kinshasa, two tall like a scarecrow robotinstead of the traffic police in the city, traffic busy area command of passing vehicles and pedestrians. To some extent, the two robot police mix ordinary traffic police and traffic lights function. To enable the robot to ease thetraffic police big city population of 10000000 traffic pressure, guide the safety of pedestrians crossing the road,reducing traffic accidents.

Two robots in Kinshasa city traffic police busy victory Avenue and Lumumba Avenue intersection. According to theAmerican CNN reports, the robot reaches as high as 2.44 meters, standing on a high podium, as far as you cansee. Robot work 24 hours a day, by the solar panels to provide energy, the chest can be rotated. In order torecord real-time traffic conditions, the robot is equipped with a multi angle camera. In addition to directing traffic,can automatically print out a traffic ticket. The most amazing is that the robot can lift, police or bending the arm, so that the vehicle stop, or the release of the vehicle; the robot can talk like human traffic, pedestrians crossing the road when you can know what.

At the same time the robot police received government officials and ordinary people a positive evaluation. Congo(gold) the national road safety committee chairman Velma said: "this is about road traffic safety initiative. During the rush hours, traffic is a big problem, but with the robot police, Kinshasa traffic safer."

Office worker Demuto Mutombo said: "I am quite satisfied with the robot's work, because commutes to work people do get more respect, but this time in the traffic police directing traffic is not so obvious. The effectiveness of the work of traffic robot than live better."

Taxi driver Ma Wuqi also confirmed the effectiveness of the work: "the robot when the robot is stopped, every car has stopped, so there is no question of pedestrians crossing the road. The police often annoy us, so we should letthe robot to direct the traffic." A driver to reflect, Congo (gold) the traffic police fines from the meager income,sometimes the driver there.

Congo (gold) the government hopes to solve the traffic problems in the capital Kinshasa by the robot. The robotpolice plan designer Isaye Trese said: "Congo (gold) is a poor, lack of government funds. The use of robots policehelp cut costs, thus helping the government to withdraw the funds in the construction of roads." Even so, the robotpolice cost is not low, each robot costs $15000 (about 93000 yuan).

It is worth mentioning that, robot police is composed entirely of Congo (DRC) on its own R & D, but also realize"localization" in the very great degree in the general power: Congo (gold), rely on solar energy running robotpolice will not take up energy resources; robot made of aluminum and stainless steel material, can adapt to theequatorial countries the high temperature and rainy climate, year-round hot.

Two the appearance of Kinshasa street traffic robot is just the beginning. Robot R & D team based on Gozzi RongUganda "new vision" reporter said, only in Kinshasa, "we have selected 600 dangerous intersections and trafficpolice on the robot complex area". In 2014 April, the R & D team will also bring traffic robot inventions, went to Canada and Switzerland, to participate in the international commodities fair.

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