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Intelligent Home Furnishing: industry market cold several bottlenecks need to break

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Intelligent Home Furnishing market freeze

After the mobile Internet, wearable devices, intelligent Home Furnishing attracted a large number of manufacturers. Country such as Changhong, C, L, T Hisense Konka, SKYWORTH appliance manufacturers products began to follow the smart Home Furnishing hot, and Haier is the introduction of a set of intelligent home systems.

Has been to "the Internet thinking" IT companies are also advertised himself as a leader in the smart Home Furnishing. Recently, Qihu 360 and Aux officially launched on cooperation in intelligent air conditioning. Qihu 360 vice president Shen Haiyin revealed, 360 want to cut through the router, home internet. "We want to open up the router interface, and household electrical appliance enterprises."

Prior to this, Alibaba and millet have some action in the intelligent Home Furnishing.

However, compared with the entire industry a fiery, the consumer market of intelligent Home Furnishing but not too cold. Officials in recent days visited Suning, Gome and Dazhong several flagship store in Beijing found that, in addition to smart TVs, smart refrigerator, smart air conditioning, smart washing machine, dubbed the "smart" name products are asked to buy less.

In the medium and large stores in the tower, a marriage room prepared for his son Cao buy a smart TV, but no matter how the salesman "propaganda", he was completely indifferent to the smart refrigerator, smart air conditioning products. In the course of conversation and the relevant personnel, Mr. Cao said, most of these products be flashy without substance, the price is more expensive than ordinary household appliances a lot, "now do not need these features, not in a hurry to buy, say technology is not mature."

In Yuquanying building materials market, due to People are hurrying to and fro. coincides with the weekend, the market is quite lively, but for relevant personnel "to know whether the intelligent Home Furnishing", answered "don't know" who turned out to be the majority.

It is understood that, since the ninety's of last century, the intelligent Home Furnishing applications on a cutting-edge high-tech products in the market was born. After years of development, to promote the new technology in the Internet of things, cloud computing, smart Home Furnishing concept is now fired a hot, but consumers watch more, who rarely pay.

In this regard, the computer department of Tsinghua University professor Huang Liansheng think, the development of intelligent Home Furnishing bottleneck is not the technology, but in the market. In the era of emerging new technologies, people every day to learn new things, how to make supply and demand quickly adapt to each other, "this is a new problem."

Several major bottlenecks need to break

The reason for the market downturn, the industry believes that the smart Home Furnishing industry, there are still some bottlenecks need to break.

First, there is no uniform standard. Intelligent Home Furnishing products today, most are each self-contained, there is no uniform standard. The Internet of things China expert academician Academy of Engineering Zhang Chunhui said, smart Home Furnishing product to popularize the standards must be addressed. Because the industry standards are not unified, which makes a lot of small and medium-sized enterprises of their own development, resulting in their product does not have the compatibility, which makes a lot of users.

Secondly, the consumer experience of intelligent Home Furnishing urgent need to solve the problem but also to promote the. For consumers, choose smart Home Furnishing, is to enjoy the high-tech brings more convenient, more leisurely life. However, many users complain that, although it looks like is a high-tech products, but less practical, complex operation, does not meet the needs of function, interaction design, lack of humanity. Chinese Construction Industry Association expert intelligent building branch of solutions to the analysis thinks, the user experience in the most intelligent Home Furnishing not intelligent high-tech what role, some intelligent system will bring inconvenience to daily life, many users put the so-called intelligent disabled, so that eventually reduced product is unreasonable and unsightly "high tech equipment".

Third, intelligent Home Furnishing product cost and price is not close to the people. Here refers to the cost is not only the product itself has a cost, and the cost of the user. Many practitioners said, intelligent Home Furnishing sales post need long-term maintenance, and this part of the cost is very high, many manufacturers cannot bear. At the same time, the researchers found that in market research, a set of intelligent Home Furnishing system installation, down several hundred thousand dollars to more than a million yuan, so the price also let consumers can not accept.

In addition, the intelligent Home Furnishing another serious problem is the lack of a sense of trust, security of user. For early adopters of consumers, security intelligence Home Furnishing product is a prerequisite for their purchase of products. When you are through the mobile phone, tablet computer and other intelligent terminal to control the Home Furnishing products, if the control program of B UG or beat all the factors how to do? In addition, the electrical equipment connected to the Internet together, the data will be stored to the server, the invasion of hackers may also use these data, look intelligent, actually brought more trouble.

It is because of the above reasons, ran aground in the intelligent Home Furnishing pace, so that the market is still in the start stage, slow development.

To be multi force to solve the dilemma

According to the insiders, not a single product, single system or even a single enterprise can be resolved within a short time the intelligent Home Furnishing industry problems and needs of the entire industry, intelligent Home Furnishing takes time and effort, together to explore solutions.

Wu Hequan Chinese academician of Chinese Academy of engineering had suggested, at present domestic industrial intelligent Home Furnishing set in many areas of real estate, home appliances, communications, security and other enterprises, the government and industry associations should develop scientific leading industry, maintain moderate competition, promote the technology integration.

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